Is there a crisis in public education? Recap

Education Reform-mongering: A Practitioner’s Perspective Recap

  • National math and science education experts and local practitioners will gather for a one-day event in the Jordan Hall of Science on June 12, 2012. Professional Growth Points can be earned by attendees.

  • Education historian, author and speaker Diane Ravitch presented a lecture titled “Is there a Crisis in Public Education?” on April 10th in the McCartan Courtroom of the Notre Dame Law School.

  • Mike Flanagan, superintendent of public instruction for the state of Michigan, presented a public address titled “Education Reform-mongering: A Practitioner’s Perspective,” Feb. 28 in the Remick Commons of Carole Sandner Hall on the Notre Dame campus.

At a time when discouraging stories dominate media coverage of K–12 education, there are inner-city schools that are graduating each of their students and seeing an overwhelming percentage of them go on to college. “Reimagining School” challenges us to reflect on ways to bring positive change to the nation’s youth through the betterment of the U.S. school system.


Established by Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C. in 2005, the Notre Dame Forum has brought leading authorities to campus to discuss substantive issues of the day. Past forum topics have included immigration, sustainability, global health, and the role of religious faith in a plural world.

The 2011-12 Notre Dame Forum, “Reimagining School: To Nurture the Soul of a Nation,” is a yearlong discussion to explore the profound and challenging questions that shape the national debate about K–12 education, which has a dramatic impact on the future of American civil society. More


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